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Model: 6355
OPPO AX5S Rear Camera [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6351
OPPO AX5S Front Camera [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6350
OPPO AX5S Charging Port Flex Cable [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6521
OPPO AX5S Back Glass [Gold] [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6349
OPPO AX5S Back Glass [Black] [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6354
OPPO AX5S Power Flex Cable [Original Secondhand]..
Model: 6353
OPPO AX5S Loudspeaker [Original Secondhand]..
OPPO AX5S Antenna Cable [Original Secondhand]
Model: 6546
OPPO AX5S Antenna Cable [Original Secondhand]..
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