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15 Jan Working Broken Phones Warranty Policy
iMobile 2 659
If you receive an email from iMobile for a list of phones with broken parts,here's how it works.These are original devices, with screens or back cracked. You can repair them and reseller them f..
04 Jun Why IMB In-Cell Screen Has <0.1% Return Rate?
2 1241
IMB In-Cell screen reduced the faulty rate by 100 times comparing to the aftermarket counterpart.How is this achieved?Firstly we need to understand the structure of copy and in-cell screen.Here..
29 Apr Front Camera iPhone 7/7+ vs iPhone 8/8+ | Copy vs Original
dan 1 2782
A question we get asked a lot is how to tell the difference between i7 and i8 front camera, and also i7+ and i8+ front camera.Many shops mixed them up when not labelled properly. Because none o..
17 Apr iPhone XR Back Housing In All Colours
iMobile 0 851
Now we stock the full range of iPhone XR back housing with small parts...
14 Feb Deep Analysis On iPhone X Aftermarket OLED Screen
dan 1 721
Here comes iPhone X Aftermarket OLED Screen! With iPhone X Aftermarket LCD Screen springing up in the market, much attention had been paid to iPhone X Aftermarket OLED Screen. We got samples of..
14 Feb Do You Really Get What You Pay For?
dan 0 608
The screen is the most popular and top – Selling products in the repair market, and therefore, the quality varies. A stable supply chain is difficult to seek. Many suppliers provide clients wit..
13 Feb What Really Makes Our Batteries batter then others in the Market?
dan 3 693
Ever since the iOS Update, starting with iOS 11.3, client have struggled to understand why batteries on their repaired device show up, “Service” in “Setting” or showing a lower percentage, alth..
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