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18 Nov When is Used Part Better Than New
dan 0 118
Why is Used Part Better Than NewWe now only stock IMB tested used charging port and front camera for iPhone model for iPhone 8/8p and iPhone X Series.Here's why:The new parts (original or not) ..
16 Sep A Little Known Tool You MUST HAVE
dan 0 530
It's shocking to see how little this tool is used in Australia since it has been available for about 2 years.It's called Tristar Tester, and in short, it tests power issues for all Apple device..
14 Feb Tips for Troubleshooting All The iTunes Error Codes of iPhone 6/6 Plus
0 219
iTunes error codes are very common and it may pop up when you try to restore your phone or update to the new system. Almost every repairman has encountered a variety of error codes during the i..
12 Feb How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working (Copy from internet)
0 353
Recently we got many messages about Face ID not available after screen replacement from our clients, which surprised our technicians greatly. Since the screen replacing would not affect face ID..
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