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Sony Xperia Z

Model: 1740
Sony Xperia z lcd assembly [Include Adhesive]  (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1736
Xperia z battery (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 3288
Sony Xperia Z Front Camera (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1741
Xperia z Power Button Flex Cable with volume button (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1735
Xperia z Backcover Black (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1742
Xperia z sim reader (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1738
Xperia z earpiece (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 3286
Sony Xperia Z Charging Dock Cover (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1733
Xperia z 3G antenna cable  (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 3029
Sony Xperia Z loudspeaker (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1737
Xperia z Charging Port (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1734
Sony Xperia z 3g antena (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1743
Xperia z sim tray  (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
Model: 1739
z Front Screen Adhensive  (C6602 C6603 C6616)..
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