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Sony Xperia Z1

Model: 7292
Sony Xperia XZ1 LCD Touch Digitizer Screen [Blue]..
Model: 1760
Sony xperia z1 LCD Assembly [Include Adhesive] (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1746
z1 back camera (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 3290
Sony Xperia Z1 Microphone Flex (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1749
z1 Battery (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1759
z1 lcd Power Button Flex Cable (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1751
z1 charging port rubber set (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1748
z1 back cover white (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 2564
Sony Xperia Z1 Back Cover Purple (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1747
z1 back Cover black (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 3291
Sony Xperia Z1 Wifi Antenna (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 3292
Sony Xperia Z1 Mini Charging Port (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1761
z1 loud speaker (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1745
z1 antena (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1758
z1 earpiece (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 2281
For Sony Xperia Z1 tempered glass (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
Model: 1765
z1 sim tray (C6902 C6903 C6906 C6943)..
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