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IC Chips / Connectors

Model: 4826
Digitizer IC Black 343S0694 (iPhone 6 Plus U2402, iPhone 6 U2402)..
Model: 6107
Small Audio IC 338S00411 For iPhone XS/XR/XS Max U4902 U5200 U5102-6107
Model: 4840
Small Audio IC 338S00105 (iPhone 6S Plus U3500, iPhone 6S U3500)..
Model: 4831
U2 Charging IC 1610A2 (iPhone 6 Plus U3500, iPhone 6 U1700)..
Model: 4832
U2 Charging IC 1610A1 (iPhone SE 5S U6000, iPad Mini 2 3 U6000, iPad Air U6000)..
Model: 4846
WIFI IC WLAN_W (iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8)..
Model: 4849
WIFI IC 339S0228 339S0231 339S0242 98 PINS (iPhone 6 6 Plus U5201_RF)..
Model: 4847
WIFI IC 339S00199 Wlan_RF (iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7)..
Model: 5267
WIFI IC 339S00043 U5200_RF, 162 PINS (iPhone 6S Plus U5200_RF, iPhone 6S U5200_RF)..
Model: 4835
Power IC (Wireless Charging) (iPhone 8 Plus U3400, iPhone 8 U3400)..
Model: 4844
Big Audio IC 338S00105 (iPhone 7 Plus U3101, iPhone 7 U3101, iPhone 6S Plus U3500, iPhone 6S U3500)..
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