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IC Chips

Model: 4843
Big Audio IC 338S00248 (iPhone 8 Plus U4700, iPhone 8 U4700)..
Model: 4841
Small Audio IC 338S1202 (iPhone 6 Plus U1601, iPhone 6 U1601, iPhone 5S/5C U22)..
Model: 4836
Power IC SN2400AB0 (iPhone 6S Plus U2300, iPhone 6S U2300)..
Model: 4825
Digitizer Silver IC BCM5976 (iPhone 6 Plus U2401, iPhone 6 U2401, iPad Air U6600)..
Model: 4845
Big Audio IC 338S1201 (iPhone 6 Plus U0900, iPhone 6 U0900, iPhone 5S 5C U21)..
Model: 4819
Display IC 65730A0P (iPhone 8 Plus U5600, iPhone 8 U5600, iPhone 7 Plus U3703, iPhone 7 U3703, iPhone 6s Plus U4000, iPhone 6s U4000, iPhone 6 Plus U1501, iPhone 6 U1501, iPhone 5se U4000, iPhone 5s/5c U3)..
Model: 4823
Backlight Coil 15UH-20%-0.72A-0.9OHM (iPhone 6s Plus L4050, iPhone 6s L4020, iPhone 6 Plus L1503, iPhone 6 L1503, iPhone SE L4020)..
Model: 4820
Backlight IC LM3539A0YFFR (iPhone 6s U4050 Plus, iPhone 6s U4020, iPhone SE U4020)..
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