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Tweezers / Opening Tools

Model: 6587
Mobile Phone Repair Heating Pad Matt [CP320]..
Model: 4117
Super Duper Extra Fine Tip Straight Tweezers 15cm..
Model: 4118
Super Duper Extra Fine Tip Curved Tweezers 15cm..
Dottorpod Screen Opening Holder [iHolder]
Out Of Stock
Model: 5175
DottorPod iSesamo iHolder Evo Flexible LCD Holder..
Back Glass Press-Down Crush Tool [for iPhone Back Glass Removal] Back Glass Press-Down Crush Tool [for iPhone Back Glass Removal]
Out Of Stock
Model: 7524
Press down on back glass to create cracks for easy removal..
Model: 5173
DottorPod iSesamo iFlex Screen Opening Plate Life touch panels, seperate LCDs...
Model: 4154
XiLi Long Screen Opening Plate [Recommend for Samsung Screens]..
QianLi Pry Opening Tool [Triangle]
Out Of Stock
Model: 4153
XiLi Triangle Screen Opening Plate..
Normal Tweezer [Flathead]
Out Of Stock
Model: 4295
Rhino Flat Head Tweezer SW-13..
Model: 4704
JAKEMY Replaceable Anti-static Tweezers Set [Curved Tip & Staright Up]..
Model: 5174
iSesamo Screen Opening Tool for iPhone iPad iPod..
Model: 5172
DottorPod iSesamo iPlastix Super Plastic Screen Opening Plate..
Art Knife [Sharp]
Out Of Stock
Model: 6066
QianLi Pry Opening Tool [Ultra Flexiable] [Curved]..
Model: 4703
JIA FA Repair Tools Battery Remover..
Model: 6615
Opening Tool Plastic Card for Battery and Screen Removal..
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